Why Did Texas Fail As A Spanish Colony

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Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony in 1821. In the summer of 1519 four Spanish ships set sail for the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. These men became the first white men ever to see Texas. At that time Spain was more interested in gold then colonization. They left Texas until 1690 when the French started showing interest in Texas. Spain decided to scare off the French by establishing Catholic missions in Texas. In 1821, Texas had few Spanish citizens and most of the missions had been abandoned. Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony because the Indians were hostile, trade was hard, and the population was low.
The first reason why Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony is because the Indians were hostile. On April 23 1776, a settler was killed by Comanches near La Bahia. In Mid-May 500 Apaches raided ranches in San Antonio and La Bahia. (B) In October 1776, several La Bahia area Indians were killed by Comanches. The Comanches also stole 100 horses in San Antonio. (D) After the attacks of the Indians the settlers would get scared and leave or die in their attacks. The settlers would move and leave the missions lowly populated. The lowest populated missions were the least likely to survive.
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The shallow water made it hard to have ports. Without ports they could not trade by boat. (A) There was also lots of deserts, mountains, and the Texas triangle. The Texas triangle was an area that was dry, empty of people, and difficult to traverse.(A) This proves that Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony because, without trade the settlers could not survive. Many of the Spaniards came to Texas looking for a better life. With little to no food and resources the settlers were not happy and would leave the

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