Essay On Importance Of Sociology

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Sociology is the study of human society. As humans, why is it so hard to understand our own society? Why do we need a discipline of sociology in order to understand society? The human mind is a complex system. Sociology helps us understand why we do things, and why we do them the way we do. Many sociologists from the 19th and 20th centuries have come up with theories explaining the paths and choices of different societies around the world. Sociologist, C. Wright Mills used a phrase called the “sociological imagination”. This phrase explained the ability to see the connections between our own personal experiences and the larger forces of history. A discipline in sociology helps us understand why our society does what it does now, and in history, and if there is a connection between the two.

A sociologist’s job is to understand that what you do in life is no more normal or unmoral that what other people do in society. For example, woman in the Middle East wear different clothing and have different
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We will not be able to accept something that is not familiar to us and be able to perceive it as normal. It helps us understand people and the actions made by society everyday. Symbolic interactionism is another thought that developed to explain how the social world is created. “Symbolic interactionism, focused on how face-to-face interactions create the social world” (Conley, 31). The relationships we create with others, and the actions we make towards each other is what shapes society. Ervin Goffman studied our personal encounters and said “we make judgments about class and social status based on how people speak, what they wear, and other tiny details of how they present themselves to others” (Conley, 32). Each sociologist tries understanding society and has different theories explaining why society is the way it

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