Essay On Importance Of Nutrition

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Register to read the introduction… If the body does not receive the energy it needs in the form of food, weight loss will occur. “Children with malnutrition have inadequate fat stores and very little muscle. Their bones are prominent and they often have disproportionately large abdomens. Brain development can be impaired, and these children have a high incidence of disease because their bodies cannot fight infection. For this reason, malnutrition contributes to the high death rate among children in developing countries.” (Retrieved on February 16th, 2009 from …show more content…
Apparently, malnutrition in the first few years of life leads to antisocial and aggressive behavior throughout childhood and late adolescence. For 14 years, researchers followed the nutritional, behavioral and cognitive development of more than 1,000 children who lived on Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. They assessed the children’s nutrition at age 3 and also tested their intelligence level and cognitive ability. Social workers visited their homes to come up with a so-called adversity score that summarized factors such as the income, occupation, health, age and education levels of their parents and their overall living conditions. Over time, a link became evident between malnourishment and antisocial or aggressive behavior (Retrieved on February 16th, 2009 from The importance of nutrition affects various aspects of a child’s development which is dynamic. As a result, Biology is not destiny, and the DNA inherited from the biological parents and nutrition always work in concert Therefore, it is important that parents adequately feed their children the nutrients they need in order to grow strong and healthy, and reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases as well as lifelong damages to the

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