Scavenger Hunt Research Paper

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The whole summer, Jim had been preparing for the fall hunt. He had planted many food sources for the deer and also put up a tree stand for every wind direction. The season opener was only one more week away and he could not wait. He was like a child waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. He had sighted in his bow, so he was comfortable shooting out to forty yards; he had practiced shooting every night. Jim did this, so if he did get a chance at a big deer, he would not blow it. Every hunter has had one that has gotten away, and last year, it was Jim’s turn. He had scouted his land and seen a big buck all season long. The big buck was even given a name; Jim called him Brutus, for his massive body and a massive set of antlers to match. The elusive deer never came into shooting range and Jim was never able to shoot him.
After the season ended, Jim claimed,
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She is even getting in on the hunt this year. Ellen has been practicing shooting her bow every night with Jim. She had helped him all year getting ready for the season. She especially helped him out with scouting for the giant buck. She had spotted Brutus on several occasions and she had figured out his routine.
Ellen said, “Brutus goes to the alfalfa to feed around seven in the morning and around eight-thirty, goes to lie down for the day in the pine saplings that we had planted a few years ago.”
Jim could not sleep, after hearing the good news and it was the night before the archery deer season opens. He and Ellen are planning on being in the tree stands at six the next morning, one hour before the sunrise. Jim told Ellen that if Brutus walks in front of her that she should take the shot.
“You have been working and anticipating the moment Brutus steps in front of you for way to long. I could never take that away from you. I will do my best to get a good deer but you can have Brutus.” Jim is thankful to hear that he gets the chance to pursue the giant

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