What Happen If Germany Won World War II?

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What Happen if Germany had won World War II? War can be described by others as one of the most brutal events on the planet, having nations capable of mass destruction is something we don’t want to experience. But, how would the world change if Germany had won the war? Seemingly throughout the war Germany is considered one of the most powerful forces on the planet so how could a powerhouse like them change the world we in live in today? Surprisingly not much would have changed the Cold War wouldn’t have to take place, the occupation of Moscow would be shared by Germany and the United States, Germany would end its alliance with Japan in order to gain an alliance with the US this would cause Japanese …show more content…
Having German scientists and U.S. scientists work together, would ensure that this operation would get done more efficiently meaning that maximum effort is going to be used to get this job ding without any wasted effort. During World War 2, petroleum was considered the fuel of the future, and if German scientists managed to make it last longer they’ll make the trip to the moon a lot quicker than normal. In order for Germany to never lack an abundant supply of fuel German scientists and engineers would go on and develop two processes that would allow them to synthesize petroleum their abundant supply of coal. This process would allow Germany to establish the first successful synthetic fuel industry. Liquid fuel was seen as a crucial war effort to Germany’s synthetic fuel industry, and it eventually became a part of Hitler’s Four Year Plan of 1936. Seeing the war dragged on meant that synthetic fuel industries would experience major labor shortages in order to prevent a loss of production and slowdown of the war the plants would used forced labor that was provided of the German government. By using synthetic fuel German scientists wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of supply of rocket fuel since using a type of artificial fuel would make sure that using fuel for the rocket would last longer than it normally

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