Albert Speer's Contribution To World War II

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Albert Speer contributed to his period of time through numerous different ways, these includes; his contribution to the second world war as armaments minister, contribution to the consolidation of Nazi and their power in Germany, architectural designs during the period as the architect of the Reich and significantly, being opposed to the ‘scorched earth’ policy, that was implemented by Hitler. Speer was not only known as a great architecture but also, an effective organiser due to his management skills. Through Speer, the architectural work for the Nazi propaganda was changed potentially forever. This can be seen at the Nuremberg rally of 1937, with the well-known ‘cathedral of light’ or also famously known as ‘the cathedral of ice’. Through …show more content…
This lead to Speer becoming one of the main planners of the German war economy and was hence responsible for the production of armaments and the construction of strategic defences. Through this role, Speer was able to find solutions to the problems of war production due to his technical and administrative skill and enthusiasm. Speer faced significant problems, which then lead Speer to solve three issues that ultimately decided the war effort; how to eliminate the gross inefficiencies of war production, how to increase armaments and munitions production despite the gross scarcity of raw materials and labour shortages, and how to keep production operating even though there was increased bombing on German factories. Significantly before Speer, the German business and industry were excluded from planning the production of weaponry. This lead to, Speer setting up the Central Planning Board in April 1942 in order to control the allocation of raw materials. However, one of Speers greatest contribution to the war effort and the period of time, was that he was able to increase war production at a rapid speed. Some historians debate that it is because of Albert Speer, that the war was able to continue the war for the remainder of time. Speer adequately, confesses his all time success “I could have completely re-equip 130 infantry divisions and 40 armoured divisions. That involved new equipment for two million men. This figure would have been 30 per cent higher had it not been for the bombing

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