Economic Impacts Of World War II

In the history, this World War II could not compare with anything because it changes the American economic and it makes the greatest good economic in the United States. To fight or help the war, United State has to make a lot of supply like gun, bomb, airplane, factory, and assemble line for Europe. When the Pearl Harbor attacks by Japan, it forces the United States to fight the war. This war is dramatically change the discrimination between race and color. In this War, not only men will fight for their country but also women were taking responsibility and helping the United States. World War II is changing the world like how people live, speak languages, and freedom. Nazi anti-Semitism proves and reports of how this War is happen and start. …show more content…
On that attack, United States lose American naval and military forces and also many soldiers were dead. Before this attack happen, United States was very peaceful and do not want to get an enemy with any foreign country. For this reason, Roosevelt tries to negotiations with Japan and tells them to stop. Nevertheless, Japan was not stop and continue to bomb Hawaii.
In addition, Japan attacked Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, the Philippine Islands, Wake Island, and Midway Island. Japan was very successful and undertaken in the Pacific area. Roosevelt order United States to defend their country from Japan attack. Roosevelt said that this war may not be easy, but after this war no one will not come to attack the United States anymore. Sunday, December 7 is the day that Japan forces the United States to fight the
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Soldiers are hungry, frenzy, and miss home when they are in war. Their buddies were dead in front of them even though they want to help they could not. In each of soldier letters, it’s terrible to hear that how much soldiers were suffering, praying, and fighting for their life. Its demonstrate that when soldiers were far away from United States, Soldiers were appreciating and seeing how much their country were the best place to live.
Furthermore, Rosie the Riveter is part of the surprised and determined for changing woman life. Because of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, all of the men are going to defend for their country, and woman were force to work in the industries. In addition, woman was supporting their country for working at the factory job, and donating foods from their garden. Nevertheless, the worse part of this Pearl Harbor was each family were fall apart, and woman has to work a dangerous job. Even thought, United States got attack their economy was achieving in the greatest place of the

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