Essay On Gender Pay Gap

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The gender pay gap in America is an ongoing problem. Women, who do equal work as men, are paid less than men. The pay gap is at twenty-one percent, which means women are paid seventy-nine percent of what men are paid. The percent of pay gap can vary from state to state. Louisiana has the largest pay gap, women there are paid sixty-five percent of what men are paid. Women of color tend to see a larger pay gap than non-Hispanic white and Asian American women. However, these women have a smaller gender pay gap compared to the men in their same group. Non-Hispanic white and Asian American women experience the largest pay gap within their same groups. They have discovered that women start out making less than men at the beginning of their careers; however, it is not by much. The wage gap is a lot smaller for younger women rather than older women. This is because a woman’s salary begins to flatten out in their earlier thirties while a man’s does not flatten out until his forties. Before this plateau, women are usually paid ninety percent of what men are paid. When they hit the plateau they are paid seventy-five to eighty percent of what men …show more content…
Women could and will have a harder time providing for her family because she is not getting paid as much as she should be. The pay gap can really add up to be a significant amount of money that she should have received. A woman could be a single mother and the money that she is not receiving can have an impact on her family. Single mothers struggle to make ends meet and often end up in poverty because of the gender pay gap. A woman could also be the source of income for her family. Her family could rely on the money that she is supposed to be making which could also lead to poverty. All the necessities to live a full life add up and the money a woman makes will not add up to meet the cost of the basic necessities. A woman and her family will suffer because of the gender pay

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