Essay On Gender Functionalism

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In my everyday life I have begun to make the observations of how the abundance of media is consumed in the United States today. Not only is social media, television, and the internet consumed daily, but it makes many subliminal impacts on its viewers. The media effects and generates many stereotypes that revolve around women. In the United States the dominant group and minority group dynamic is between men and Woman. We see males using their dominant group standpoint in order to target and discriminate against the minority group. We see the dominant group exemplify sexist biases through many of the media outlets. This promotes the idea of male privilege and creates a negative image for the minority group. Under the sociological theory Structural Functionalist we would see that they would try to explain why society functions the way it does. They look at each relationship between social institutions and how they work harmoniously. Whenever a function is dysfunctional we see that the institutions we see how society becomes broken and begin to have social problems. In the example the functionalist views society as a human body which each organ works …show more content…
The reason for this is because mass media can become an agent of socialization. The media is dangerous because it promotes ideology and misinforms society. In the journal observations the media formed gender roles to create woman to be represented in a way that suppress them and enforces certain behavior. This creates a dysfunction because women are forced to be focused on their beauty instead of traits like their intelligence and success. This creates men to grasp the ideology of a “perfect girl” being what media represents to them. The functionalist say this would affect woman by creating a division in labor and create less woman in the

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