Essay On Fashion Influences On Teenage Fashion

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Register to read the introduction… Teenager see icons like Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more dressed in Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton's Winter Collection and Versace, and makes them want to go out and buy these different clothing. Therefore, celebrity role models have proven to be influential teachers. Adolescent seem to follow the behavior pattern of higher status such as such rather its good or bad.

The type of research that was be used in this study is qualitative research. Finding
A reliable and valid source of information on celebrities’ fashion impact on adolescents was a challenge. The primary method for locating resources involved accessing the Bowie State University Library’s online Research port to locate online databases in order to find related scholar articles. The online databases include ERIC (EBSOHost), MasterFILE Premier and ProQuest. The ERIC database was useful in
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Unfortunately, all teens are not blessed with those body types. Surveys find that most teenagers are unhappy with the way they look (Dubois, 2006). Why are teens unhappy with their body image? Because from the time they're born until their teen years, teenagers have been taught that there is a norm. The norm among celebrities when it comes to body image and weight is often super skinny and unrealistic. For male teenagers they are concerned with being stronger and being "buff". Although some of the role models may be keeping this image in a healthy way, not to many teens do. It is evident that teenagers with negative body image end up having eating disorder or becoming depressed (Thomas & Thomas, 2002). If they don’t look like their favorite celebrities often try to lose weight or dress like their celebrity role models. Therefore it’s important for teens to know that photos can be Photoshop in magazines and they should be comfortable as the person they are inside and out. It can be very hard with celebrity body image pressure, but it can be done (Fass,

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