Essay On Factory Farming

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“People may hope that the meat they buy came from an animal who died without pain, but they do not really want to know about it.” (Singer, Animal Liberation). Factory farming is an industrialized farm in which poultry, pigs, or cattle are confined indoors in conditions intended to maximize production of minimal cost. The practice of factory farming is unethical for many reasons, more specifically, because of health issues. During factory farming, the animals are treated poorly and put in terrible environments. These animals are often put into such little spaces that they are unable to lie down comfortably or even turn around. Wired cages, metal crates, and other devices are just the beginning of the horrible process known as factory farming. …show more content…
Antibiotics are given religiously to the animals put into these crowded living spaces. 70% of the antibiotics given to livestock in the United States are given to animals who are not sick so that they will grow faster and survive longer in unsanitary environments. Not only does the overuse of antibiotics affect the animals but it also affects human health by creating a resistant bacteria to the antibiotic. Suppressing the immune system and inducing stress are factors that crowding animals causes, making them susceptible to infection. Having close contact with different animals gives viruses the perfect opportunity to create new strains. The lack of sunlight and ventilation these animals are given also gives viruses the ability to live longer. Swine flu and avian flu are viral diseases between animals and humans that contribute from factory farming. Factory farming is not the only choice we are given to produce meat. There are plenty of is a beyond organic, pasture based, local market farm in Virginia Valley run by Joel Salatin. Unlike factory farming, chickens are put into portable field shelters moved daily from yesterday’s droppings into fresh grass. Forestry products, pastured poultry, salad bar beef, and pigaerator pork are just half of what this wonderful farm produces. Salatin’s theory is that “If you are smelling manure, you are smelling mismanagement.” (Joel

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