Essay On Egg Osmosis

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Our class did an Eggsperiment. This means that each person put an egg in vinegar, water, salt water, or syrup, and colored water in that order. But why? We did this experiment to learn about osmosis, and how that works in our own cells.

Before we put the egg into any liquids, we took observations about the egg. If we had not put the egg in the liquids, the eggs would have started to decompose and smell bad. The same thing happens when you die, when your cells are dying, and your body isn't there to recycle the parts of the cell, you start to decompose and smell.

The first liquid the egg was put into was vinegar. When the egg was put into the vinegar, the egg shell was dissolved, and the egg got larger. The reason the shell dissolved is because vinegar contains acetic acid, this breaks apart the calcium-based eggshell creating two byproducts. One byproduct is carbon dioxide from dissolving the calcium carbonate crystals in the shell. The second byproduct is the calcium
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Every egg that was put into the syrup in our class shrank. One egg’s circumference dropped down to 80 millimeters. This happened because there is very little water in the syrup, and there is a lot of water in the egg. The egg became very small, and misshapen. This applies to cells in that if you are dehydrated, your cells shrink and become misshapened, but if you become hydrated, your cells go back to their normal shape and size.

The last liquid be put the egg into was red-colored water. This caused the egg to grow in size and change color. The egg grew in size because there was more water in the water, than in the egg. The egg changed to at more red color because there was more dye in the water than in the egg, the egg membrane especially. This applies to cells in that cells that have something in them that has pigment, will be the color of the pigment, red blood cells for example with iron.

After the experiment, we popped the

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