Essay On Domestic Violence Against Women

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When the words ‘domestic violence’ are spoken, to most minds, visuals of battered and bruised women, terrified and alone, helplessly trying to fight off their aggressive partners, come to mind, however in reality, this is not the case. Domestic violence against women is recognized and condemned worldwide, however it is very rarely portrayed on the medias behalf that women can be the abusive soul in the relationship.

This perception the media brings to the public is not accurately representing the true facts behind the life threating topic, action needs to be put in place to not only improve things for women, but drastically for men as well. Society is not aware of the health issue that many Australians face, and once this matter is resolved
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Research from Ask Dr. Sears shows that morals and consequences are best learnt in a human’s life from a younger age, about 7-10yrs old. Children should be taught to have mutual respect for one another, instead of only young boys being taught to never hit a girl.
There is a perception of gender roles “and the way society sees men and women,” states Greg Andersen, Senior Researcher for the One in Three Campaign. Society and the media convince and expect young males to be the tougher gender in life, however, this has unfortunately resulted in no attention or acknowledgement to anxiety and emotional stress in men, only the strong side being displayed by the media and society.
Many male victims of domestic violence feel unsure about seeking help, and when help is finally sought, they do not entirely feel helped. Services are a huge contributing factor to this helpless feeling a male violence victim encounters, being known to favour the woman’s side over the male’s side of the
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Randal Newton-John, the Executive General Manager of Operations at On the Line (provider of MensLine Australia), speaks out and states, "The question of men experiencing violence is one that hasn 't really been discussed, it 's generally seen as only happening to women.” Society needs to be more aware of the help services that are available for both genders, but sometimes it is not as simple as ringing up a counselling service to solve all the problems.
Research shows that in 2008, the Netherlands set up men’s refuge huts to be used by victims, men beaten by their children or stalked, and young gay men from immigrant cultures. The huts acted as a safety net, which promoted better living standards for those who needed to get away from dangerous situations. This solution option should be taken into consideration for Australia and the welfare of those needing support.
Supporting men that are domestically abused, and helping them recognise they need help is the only way for the ones affected to feel safe. Men feel as though they cannot escape their abusive lives, and they need to know the correct help services that will support them and provide them with counselling. Women should also receive help and understand how to reach out for it, domestic violence being ridded from all types of

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