Los Angeles Vs New York City Essay

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Where should I move after graduation? Should I remain in New York City or relocate to Los Angeles? Located at opposite ends of the continental United States, Los Angeles and New York City remain the two most popular and obvious options for those who love life in a big city. They both allow you plenty of options for work and entertainment and have the infrastructure to support nearly any passion and inclination you may have. At the end of the day, they are both big cities with so much to offer but are drastically different in many ways.
One main way the cities differ is in terms of navigability and commute. New York City is on the east coast with easy access to surrounding cities and states. You can hop on a train at Grand Central and be walking around most neighboring cities and states within a few hours. Traveling and getting away for the weekend is much easier and more convenient because of the railway systems and compact nature of the states in the northeast. In addition, Traffic doesn’t really affect your daily commute in NYC because of the subway system, making it easier to get virtually anywhere in less time. Los Angeles, on the other hand, requires you to own a car because it is so spread out. It’s not as easy to
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New York, being in the southeastern part of the United States, experiences the fullness of every season. You get to experience the most festive of falls, springs, summers, and winters in New York City. Central Park is a beautiful place to watch the seasons change and is also probably your best option to escape the hot concrete streets and subways in the summer. Los Angeles, on the other hand, generally has “fire, earthquake, mudslide, and drought”. In spite of that, it does have a beautiful seaside year round which is especially convenient if you want somewhere to cool off on a hot summer day. Each of these cities possesses a trade-off so it ultimately comes down to personal

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