Essay On College Prepare People For Life

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Have you want to give up college in a moment? More importantly, why you think is worth to spend four years in university? Freeman hrabowski in his article, “College prepare people for life,” states college is prepare people for jobs, but more critically, they prepare people for life.” Without degree, it most likely you will not get the job you want, the goal you hope to desire and there are many companies, school will reject you. College education prepares student for a well benefits job and meet their general job requirement; however, college has some previous disbursement including: money, time and shutting to most of the talent. Higher education provides students to get a better job and well benefits than those people who only go to high school or lower level of education. According to the U.S. Government info website, “…a high school graduate can …show more content…
People always refuse to go to college because they think is too expensive to them. In contrast, the college’s tuition to the future’s job salary, the college tuition is cost negative dollar to them because they are eligible to use their knowledge forever and get high-paying job. The college tuition subtracts to the future is equal to a negative number. Four years college isn’t take too long to finish when compare to the job we will have in the future and whole life, college is counts as to one of the shortest experience in life. “When only a small percentage of people got college degrees, employer who required a B.A. would have been shutting themselves off from access to most of the talent,” is not found in the society we have now describe by Charles (245). Most talent people would choose to go to college, so this quotes from the article is reverse direction to support that the college degree is valuable and

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