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Is Cheerleading a Sport? What do you think of when you think of sports? Maybe competiton between two opposing sides. Few say only competition cheerleading is a sport, others will argue it is not. When looking at it from my point of view, cheerleading is a sport because it is physically demanding, requires teamwork, and involves competition. I have been apart of my schools cheerleading teams since the seventh grade. I also used to play soccer and softball so I have seen and heard both sides. To help determine, A C Field Hockey Academy defines the value of competition, “Competition provides motivation to achieve a goal; to demonstrate determination, creativity and perseverance to overcome challenges; and to understand that hard work and commitment …show more content…
Looking back I think to myself and I see some softball players as looking cute while playing and some of which even wear bows at the college level. They then bring up the point that we wear tight uniforms. Well, looking at womens tennis they also were tight uniforms and may I add skirts. In track you see short shorts or tight compression shorts on men and women. So that is condridciting to me. A point was also made that cheerleaders wear to much make up. Well I know other women that throw on make up before a game as well. Many make assumptions before comparing. Cheerleaders make up simply enhances their features. After all, while cheering at a game we are there to motivate and encourage. So smiling is key. You want to pop in order to get the crowds attention, or even distract the other team. Those small points can not determine if cheerleading is a sport. Personally as a women I am offended when we are defined as wearing make-up being the determining factor of if something is asport or not. Most think cheerleaders are just for looks. For example, Men go crazy over the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. They have shorts so tight and short in length you can see their rear end. And just a small top to cover the chest and they tie the front as tight as they can. They defintitly attract attention. But, have you ever watched their show on …show more content…
It gets to be highly dangerous. Colleges will attend a National Cheerleaders Association camp to learn new material and finally compete in a game day routine. All of which are judged and those who receive a bronze, silver, or gold bid to nationals get compete on even further. The past two years have been held at Daytona Beach, Forida. The bids are basically given money and stand for first, second, and third place. Teams are divided accroding to size. Besides cheering at games and attending local events, teams still practice throughout the season to prepare for Nationals. As compared to our local Moberly Area Community College Basketball teams competiting at reginals, district, and then nationals. It takes just as much work, effort, ability, stregnth and practice from the whole team to make it to the end. Teamwork is key for cheerleaders as

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