What Is The Relationship Between Media And Body Image

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After 6 month of training, DeShawn expected way more. His arms were not as bulky as he expected, his abdomen was not flat, and his chest still lacked definition. As he looked in the mirror as saw how he looked he was displeased, he was overweight. As a punishment he put on his shoes and went back to the gym and worked out even more causing him to tear a muscle in his arm doing curls. Typically people who are upset with their appearance and do not look for healthy nutrition information may begin to develop eating disorder for example. According to statistics up to 12% of young males use unproven supplements like steroids and obese boys and girls have a remarkably low self-esteem then their non-obese peers.
Body image is the fundamental sense
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Females at a young age associate beauty with the physical appearance and think that appearance is everything but in reality it is not. In society today showing a certain images in the media can give young females the impression that they have dress and act a certain way. If you look closely the pressure from media to be thin is everywhere from billboards to ads, to commercials and even merchandise show teens how females should look. It has been shown that the more reality television young females watches the more they begin to feel that appearance is important” Every day young women see images and think, If only I were that thin, people would like me. If only I looked like the girl in the magazine maybe I would be more successful. Women are always wondering if they will ever be enough for what anyone would want to love or be around. I believe the pursuit of the media’s image of beauty is what leads females to obtain the symptoms that include disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, social anxieties, depression, and social matters.” (Debra, 2010, para. 6) Media wants all women and young females and old in a vulnerable place, so they fell that if they do not fall in to what their image of beauty is everything would be perfect. The media wants you to think if you are …show more content…
The media should stop pressuring females to be skinny and men to be as muscular as they can be. If the media showed all type of body sizes more Americans would feel comfortable with how they really look, in other words they will start to develop a positive body images. Advertisements today mostly target females researchers have found that they are more weight lot ads in female magazine than males. Little do they know the females they see on ads are photo shopped and do not look like that in real life? The internet is playing mind tricks with the society today. Places that sell food should make the junk food more expensive and the healthy food less expensive, which is another reason why 60% of America is overweight, is because junk food is easy to get a hold of. Most of America is not okay with how they look, which leads in to depression which is not a good thing. In society, for females, being skinny and beautiful is a blessing and for males, looking buff and good is a dream. If you don’t look like that you are not accepted which leads into doing things that cause harm

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