Essay On Black Lives Matter

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“Over the past 35 years in America, an estimate of 324,000 blacks have been killed at the hands of fellow blacks, proving “racist” white cops are the least of their worries” - Pete Herakles. 2013 statics show that Caucasians killed 409 blacks, meanwhile 2,245 blacks were killed by their own race. “Black lives matter” coming from African Americans is an erroneous statement. Over the past years we’ve been running from the wrong people, to put it briefly by “we” I mean the highly discriminated against, furthermore immensely strong minded dominate African Americans. In all aspects of life blacks are very vigorous, over all vacuously we can be very ignorant toward certain things due to our dissimulative behavior. If it’s more black on black crime than white on black crime we’re putting our hands up for the wrong people. …show more content…
Of course all lives matter, we see blacks getting victimized more so we feel irritable toward the situations. Yes, white cops are unexplainably taking the lives of black people but most of time we give them reason that wasn’t caught on tape. About half or less of the people saying black lives matter has either taken a black life, harmed a black individual, or witnessed it in some kind of way. White cops just like taking the black lives because they’re racist everyone is saying. All white cops aren’t racist, when in fact majority of the time we give reason for a reaction from them. Near 260th on lakeshore a young black male got shot and killed by an officer. Mindfully the boy jay walked across the street crossing in front of a cop car not even caring. “Get the f*** out the street” the policeman said, as a result the boy also replied aggressively and punched the officer. The officer shooting and slamming the kid was the only thing we got tape, granted the cop didn't have to shoot the kid, nonetheless if the boy was minding laws it wouldn’t have

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