The Five Advantages Of Genetically Modified Foods

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In the following paragraphs, it will show about five advantages about GM food.
First of all, Genetically Modified plants and crops help crops to have more resistances (Connect US the Global Issue Blog, 2015), which is combated the natural disease, less to depend on the pesticides. That mean GM food can lead to decreased use of pesticides, GM crops do not need pesticides to have stronger protection and resistance combat the different kinds of pests and ,insects that may destroy it, they can be modified to be resistant to herbicides, it will be more easier to control of the crops. Farmers can just apply the weed killer to a crop field which is killing the unwanted plants. For example, one of the source of canola oil, GM oilseed rape is resistant to one chemical that's widely used to control weeds.(wiseGEEK, 2016)
Moreover, it helps the crops to be healthier and have less damage to natural environment, since there are less pesticide to harm the soil and the source of water. Then, the examples from Caroline Young (2014) mentioned the cultivation
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Since people less to eat healthy food as this kind of food lack of good taste, then GM food can change or increase the genes of food taste, such as vegetable. This change the food's flavor to be an widely acceptable taste. For example, GM corn, this is sweeter than original corn. (wiseGEEK, 2016)
From what has been discussed above, these can be reasonably arrived at the conclusion that about GM food, there are five advantages. Genetically Modified plants and crops help crops to have more resistances to combat the natural disease and less to depend on the pesticides.Then, GM food can combat the human disease. Next, GM food can help crops grow faster. Moreover, GM food can reduce the weather constraints of planting plants and crops.Finally, GM food can become tastier and inspire people to eat the non-popular healthy

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