Compare And Contrast Anne Frank

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Imagine being born a certain way and being punished for who you were born as. Well Anne Frank didn’t have to imagine this, instead this was her reality. Anne Frank was born a Jew and grew up her first years of childhood as a normal kid. Soon her life turned around and her and all of the Jew population was being punished. The play and the movie were different and alike in many ways, but after analyzing both, the movie is much more preferred.

The story of Anne Frank. (Based on The Diary of Anne Frank movie) Anne was a young normal teen when her life changed forever. The Frank family had heard news of Hitler so they had been planning on going into hiding. One day Margot ( Anne’s sister who had just turned 16) got a summons to be deported. When her parents got this they decided to go into hiding sooner than planned before the Nazi’s came for her. The family went into hiding in a secret annex behind the business that Anne’s father owned. When they got settled they had another family joining them, also hiding from Hitler. This was the Van Dann family. Also later down the road a single man named Mr. Dussel also joined. Anne eventually fell in love with a boy named Peter in the Van Dann family. Anne’s father had an employee that was helping them hide and also brought food. Anne was always writing in her journal hoping to be famous one day. Sadly the
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The play and the movie portray her life in two very different ways but the movie has a more realistic and plausible approach. The movie shows what it could have been like and is not afraid to show the sad and disappointing aspects. Her story shown through this movie demonstrates acts of courage and what kind of strength you need to overcome difficult situations. It shows the reader that it's okay to be scared but what's important is that you work with others to make it. This movie has an amazing story that must be shared

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