Essay Against Utilitarianism

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Who is Really Winning

Not very long ago, if one wanted to gamble then they would have to travel to a designated location to gamble in a casino, play bingo at the church, or wait for the drawing of the regional lottery. This allowed the average person an opportunity to dream of winning a jackpot and enjoying themselves in a game. The government agencies that benefit from the revenue produced were happy and so to were the players, money was allocated to community causes such as sports programs and school boards painting a philanthropic image for the agency. The governments found the increase in revenue for their coffers appealing, and consequently began searching for new revenue streams to further the availability of funds. Unable to do without this increase in revenue, the benefits for the government outweighs the socially destructive effects felt by the population; addiction, bankruptcy, and divorce, for example. Now gambling can be achieved with little effort, with draws held every fifteen minutes on screen in the local bar or convenience store, online gambling including phone apps, and an increasing number of municipalities offering casinos. The lottery system and the governments that rely on them have become utilitarian monsters, enjoying the benefits of running a gambling establishment at the expense of some of its citizens.
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The costs of bankruptcies, suicides, broken marriages, and the social degradation associated with fulfilling an addiction may be easier to calculate than the pleasure of winning or playing. The fact that other addictions may be involved with the lifestyle of a person involved in playing the lottery makes it harder to calculate the costs in a monetary

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