Essay Against Capital Punishment

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We are taught from an early age that two wrongs do not make a right. In that sense, when one condones capital punishment, which is murdering a being under lawful ruling for a heinous crime done, we are saying we have the right to take someone’s life. The question is, by achieving this, are we less guilty? Capital punishment has more flaws than the justice it has to offer; it should be abolished. Capital punishment should be abolished because there are too many innocent people sentenced to death, death penalty trials are much more expensive than life imprisonment, there are botched executions, unfairness against the economically disadvantaged, and racism is present in the trials.
Capital Punishment has been the forefront for debate for many
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Opponents believe that the death penalty being practiced would make a criminal think twice before committing a heinous crime (qtd. in Bedau). However, the death penalty does not deter crime at all. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, a web based organization that holds up to date information about the death penalty, there are studies claiming that the death penalty has a deterrent effect on murder rates, but those studies are fundamentally flawed. The studies should not be used when making policy decisions because the deterrent effect has never been proven (“Facts about the Death Penalty”). In addition, proponents for capital punishment argue that capital punishment is necessary for public safety. They believe that the only way to ensure the safety of the United Sates’ citizens is to kill a criminal (qtd. in Kiener). Truth be told, a criminal could be stopped in other ways as well. For example, criminals could be stopped by life imprisonment without chance at parole, more police officers on the streets for public safety, or screening for mental stability of a person, can help prevent crimes. Many claim that “capital punishment is justified based on respect for [the person]” (Aspenson 93). This means that capital punishment is not necessarily to punish the murderer, but to give the victim the respect they deserve. All proponents for capital punishment have done is sugarcoat the process of killing someone to throw of their opponent. Another point they argue is that “[some don’t] deserve to live on the face of this Earth” (qtd. in Jost 967). Who are we to decide who deserves to stay on this earth? It does not matter how horrid the criminal’s crime was, a human does not hold the power to decide the fate of another. We should not have the opportunity to decide whether another human being lives or dies. If we decide who is allowed to live or die, then what makes us better than

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