A Career In Space Exploration

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Since the origin of civilization, humanity has always been perplexed by outer space. We look at the sky and for the first time in our lives, we feel minuscule. In a world where humans are at the top of the hierarchy, space seems to swallow us entirely. Space exploration’s origin can be traced back to curiosity. Exploring space not only answers numerous questions we all share about the universe, it also grants us a deeper look into the world we inhabit. Try imagining a new color. Impossible, right? We have the same dilemma with imagining space. However, because of space exploration, we now have vivid images of our magnificent universe. From Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon to samples of asteroids conveyed to Earth, space exploration has been breaking the barriers of …show more content…
Aside from just astronauts, there is a surplus of careers in space exploration that has made space travel possible. Careers that have aided in the creation of space travel include: mechanics, technicians, engineers, and even psychologists. Without the opportunity NASA provides for work, the unemployment rate would be much higher. NASA has a seemingly ceaseless list of careers that all play a very vital part in the growth of space exploration. The brilliant minds employed in these careers have changed history because of their collaboration with one another. While space exploration has infinite benefits for humanity, some of which we have not yet discovered, it does have its imperfections and risks. During training for the Apollo 1 mission, three astronauts lost their lives. The cause of death was a fire that broke out in the astronaut training capsule. Additionally, a defective O-ring on a rocket that was carrying the Shuttle Challenger caused an explosion during takeoff that ended the lives of seven astronauts. Man-made creations will never be without flaw and these events certainly prove

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