Essay About My Mother 's ' Eat This And You Might Die '

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My Mother Living with my mother was like living in that ridiculous travel channel show where they eat bizarre food and act like it taste great by resisting the temptation to wrinkle their faces. Seemed to me like there was a certain cell in their brain that was missing, I think it’s called ‘’eat this and you might die’’, cell. My mother is tall and blond with a beautiful smile and her laugh can make anyone happy. She wasn’t always into eating healthy and staying young and beautiful, until she solemnly stated one day, ‘’ I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, ‘’ she sounded very excited and enthusiastic like she was planning on dramatically changing her life. Well, she did. She had since I was about five years old I didn’t have my own opinion on the matter, I just carelessly went with the flow. My usual morning went like this; the sun rays peeking through the light curtains that hung over the window in my small room that I shared with my little sister Maddie, an over amount of garlic breath kisses given by Mom who couldn’t see I was trying desperately to crawl back under the covers. She would give me a small plastic cup of greenish liquid; I didn’t want to drink it. Due to the fact it smelled like baby puke and it consisted of raw eggs, zucchini, squash, carrots and celery. I could always feel the slippery chunks in my throat that the lazy blender missed; however, I was used to it so reluctantly just held my nose while I gulped it down hurriedly.…

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