Essay About My First Day Of High School

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I remember my first day of high school like it was yesterday walking into that new building with a little bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement. I got myself all dressed up in uniform and I was ready for high school lifestyle. Over those next years a lot of things changed and like it was nothing there I was facing my first day of college. Those four years of high school were to prepare me for college and I believe my time in high school did just that. In my first year of high school I changed a lot. Going from public school to a small catholic school was a big change, but one of the best decisions of my life. I was able to make new friends, excel at sports, and to have many opportunities that I would have not received at public school. …show more content…
I went to my school to play lacrosse and basketball but more importantly to receive a better education. I remember the first week of school and not knowing that many people because every one came from different cities and towns and it actually made me become more of a social kid because well you had to be in order to make those friends. I liked to the fact that I had friends in different towns now because it gave me a reason to go out and get out of my town. The little things like this affected me in positive ways because I was able to go out and expand my life outside of my town. I liked going to my school because it also showed me a lot about school. It showed me in order to actually succeed in school you have to try. I didn’t have the greatest grades in middle school and the only reason I was able to attend such a high school was because of sports. They worked with me throughout my four years to change me into a student who actually cares about their work and realizes how important it is that I succeed. This was the real selling point for my parents because this wasn’t a cheap school. They saw the potential I had going there and they were excited for me to do well and to …show more content…
Then once lacrosse season started I began to meet kids who would become some of my best friends. We created a bond through the five o’clock in the morning practices, the sweat and blood we shed together it made us into great friends. Ill never forget one of my best friend’s nick was throwing up during practice, seconds later he was back on the field going hard, that showed the character of that kid and that was someone I wanted to be friends with. This time in school was always the best, I mean in reality it really sucked with all the workouts, practices, and basically non stop lacrosse but I loved it because I was doing it all with my boys. I miss those spring days, sun shining, nice warm weather and just a field full of players getting after it. This team changed my personality a lot honestly, it made me realize I have to work in order to play and I can put that towards life, I have to work hard if I want to play and enjoy

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