Esl Students Need Examples And Clear Directions Essay

1850 Words Jul 19th, 2016 null Page
ESL students need examples and clear directions. It can be difficult to determine how much help is too much. I want to ensure that students are learning, but I want to make sure that they also understand what is expected of them. As teachers work with ESL they may notice that some students need more help than others. Teachers should be mindful of how much help they give ESL students because sometimes they may be doing the work for them. All students will face some sort of struggle when learning, but it is the teacher’s job to provide them the tools to overcome the obstacles they face in the classroom. I think teachers can avoid this uncomfortable situation by asking thought provoking questions or scaffolding. The teacher should try to determine what the student knows before giving their input. I think it is important to let the student do the talking. Many of the difficulties ESL students are shared with their teachers because the teacher is the one who has to help them. There are many difficulties that younger ESL students face as well, and in turn teachers face the difficulty of making those students more comfortable. Families try and teach young children their native language as they are learning a new language. This can be frustrating and stressful for a student. My children were enrolled in classes that taught them English, while they were learning Arabic at home. They felt overwhelmed and did not like school because English was hard for them. I felt sorry for my…

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