Essay on Eshell Store

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Current Situation

The store was developed for the sole purpose of communicating with customers electronically,

as it related to the fuel and lubricants department of Shell Canada. With the main intention and

focus for agricultural customers to utilize technology to attain their products with more “ease”.

From a business perspective eStore’s goal was to reduce cost and provide a similar services

that provided by customer agents. Unfortunately, after a year of implementation of the

eStore, the company was faced with high customer response in applying to use eStore but

low overall customer utilization. In addition to this the company faces technical issues , where

considerations must be made for both utilization &
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These benefits included:

It offered convenience to buyers ; from any desired


Reduced the overall cost of doing business as labor cost

had would be reduced as functions could be performed



tracking customer interest and purchases and make


The combination of the use of minimal labor and eStore to

aid in customer sensitization and web site utilization.

Incentives to aid in agent promotion

Customers control their purchases and ensure that

information is correct






Disadvantages/ Threats affecting the eStore

Unfortunately for the eStore, it was faced with disadvantages and threats more

so than its opportunities or benefits. These disadvantages included:

Customer preference/ social experience I.e. preferred

interaction with an

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