Erin Rodriguez, The Owner And Founder Of Lash Esthetica Essay

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The entrepreneur I interviewed was Jessica Gonzalez, the owner and founder of Lash Esthetica. Lash Esthetica is a salon located in West Hartford, Connecticut that specializes in eyelash extensions, facial treatments and medicinal aromatherapy. Lash Esthetica was the first eyelash extension shop to be opened in Connecticut. The salon opened in 2006 and is still in business today. I found Jessica because I had been in the salon before when I was back home from school and knew she had opened and owned it for the past ten years. Today her business is still growing and continues to be very successful. Jessica grew up in a caring, loving family and had two very hardworking parents. Her father was an immigrant who came to the United States to try and live the “American Dream”. Her parents came from a generation where the ideal way to make money was to have one job for most of your life and grow in it. Jessica’s parents were very encouraging and pushed getting a college education and a stable job that would provide Jessica with money to support herself. Although her parents were very loving and supportive, they did not agree with Jessica’s business idea to open a skincare salon. They did not think it was a secure job, or that it would make enough money to be successful. They told Jessica it would be too much risk and that it would not be worth the investment. As for friends, Jessica found much more support from friends who were also in the beauty and skincare industry since…

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