Erik Erikson 's Development Of Development Essay

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Personal development is a continuous process occurring in every single day through an individual’s life time (Jonathan, 2009). During this continuous process individuals establish their aims and goals set targets and also understand their weakness all in a quest to maximize their potential. Erik Erikson was inclined to believe that development of an individual in the early ages of childhood was essential. Although Erikson believed in early childhood development he also stated that personality development or evolvement took place over the entire period of an individual’s life. In the very early 1960s, Erikson suggested a certain theory which highlighted eight clear distinct stages of the development. As Erikson stated in each stage individuals are faced by different new challenges and each stage’s end result was dependent on how individuals handled these specific challenges. I will be able to highlight the specific stages by Erikson on the stages of development and I will seek to understand them in depth in this paper with reference to Erikson.
Stage 1: Trust vs. Mistrust
During the first year of birth babies entirely have dependence on their parents/adults for the basic needs which are food, clothing, warmth and comfort (Andrew, 1999). Once the guardians/ parents are able to satisfy this simple needs a baby has then the babies will become attached and will be able to confidently identify a sense of security from them if the contrary happens then the end result is that a bay…

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