Erik Erikson And Jean Piaget 's Theory Essay

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Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget’s theories contrast one another, however they both agree that humans go through different stages through our development. Jean Piaget’s theory, cognitive development, focuses on different stages of a child where they transition from one stage to the other, and they follow a sequence. His stages and key ideas can be looked at as building blocks meaning, a good foundation can build a sturdy tower that will not easily fall down, however if your foundation is not even or has holes as you stack blocks onto it it will become weaker and easily topple over. The first stage of Piaget’s theory is sensorimotor stage,between the ages of infancy to two years. This stage is when children are taught for example if they have a pet that 's a dog, they are taught that it 's a dog so when they see something else with four legs like a cat they will think that is a dog too. After that stage they then move on to preoperational period. Between the ages of two and seven. During this stage symbolic thoughts develop. A kid had two balls one a tennis ball and one a baseball. The kid throws the tennis ball and it bounces but the baseball doesn 't, she then realizes that even though they are the same shape it doesn 't mean they both will bounce. If the baseball was painted green she might think that it will bounce like the tennis ball. They don 't have concrete logic yet. The next stage is the concrete stage, it 's between the ages of seven to eleven. During this stage the…

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