Essay on Ergonomics

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Ergonomic promotes efficiency in production and physiological effort. Efficiency in physiological effort means undertaking the job with less physical effort. It can also contribute towards the comfort of the workers and can help to improve the health standards of the workers. The research conducted on workers of diverse background clearly revealed that the designs of the machines were one of the root causes of most of the health related absenteeism. This was leading to increased absenteeism and the effect on the efficiency of the industry. The problems are not limited to the workers not turning up for work rather the effects can be felt by workers both in short and the long run which means there could be permanent damage to the worker. The …show more content…
Following these instructions would reduce the long term ill effects. The guidelines include using adjustable chairs, avoiding overloading of muscles, use of optimum movement speeds, aiming at the movement, use of movements around the middle positions of the joints, avoiding twisted postures, varying postures, alternate sitting i.e. standing, sitting, avoiding overloading of muscles, adjustable space for the large and the small workers, provide the right training and lastly give appropriate load to each worker.
To eradicate the health problems at work place strong commitment from both the workers and the firm is essential. Study of ergonomics would be the focal point for both sides. Training and education on the principals of ergonomics will result in a “win –win” situation for all. The workers would be benefited with lesser health problems while the company would reap rewards in the form of low absenteeism and greater efficiency.
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Do you think the ideas put forward in the paper are still valid in 2013? Why? (Your answer should be in less than 300 words)
The ideas discussed in the paper are still very much valid and there are increased health related problems all around the world. Despite the evolution of various technologies which have completely changed the nature of production, factories still need large number of workers to complete

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