Equality in Access to Education Essay

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Summary of American Ways
In chapter 9 of the book American Ways, the author provides a thorough analysis detailing the manner in which the American educational system works. The author starts by emphasizing the importance that is attached to education. The American society is shown to have different classes either in the lower stratus, the middle class or in the upper class. However, it is through education that everyone is provided with an opportunity to prosper and become whatever they desire. Established in 1825, the American public school system operates under the principle of equal opportunities for all Americans regardless of their social and economic background. The author also adds that the public system is funded through tax
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The book demonstrates the need to improve the racial equality in provision of education. The responsibilities facing public schools are also discussed and suggestions given that the public schools should not be over-burdened so as to ensure sustainability.
Summary of Anyon’s essay
The essay Social Class and Hidden Curriculum of work is written by Jean Anyon. In this essay, Anyon is of the view that the American public system is not as effective as it is often shown to be in as far as maintenance of equality is concerned. In this regard, Anyon shows that the differences in socioeconomic status are determinants of the quality of education provided with the poor students getting a lower deal compared to their counterparts from the wealthy communities. Anyon’s assertions are informed by a study carried out in five varied classrooms where she gathered evidence by observing, interviewing students, talking to the school administrators, as well as analyzing the school curriculum.
In the first two schools, the students were mainly from the working class with about 15 percent of the families in these schools falling below or at poverty line. In this third school, a majority of the families were blue-collar but relatively well-off as well as some white-collar parents. Anyon classifies the third school as a middle-class school.

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