Equality And Fairness : Failed Principles Essay

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Equality and Fairness: Failed Principles The battle to achieve a sense of fairness and equality has been relevant amongst humans since the beginning of time. Advocates who effortlessly argue the need for an equal socioeconomic system recognize that little to no change has been made throughout time. Philosopher John Rawls’s principles of fairness and equality state that everyone has a right to basic liberties and the greatest social and economic privileges are granted only if the greatest social and economic benefits are granted to the most disadvantaged people. The articles, “Still Separate, Still Unequal” by Jonathan Kozol, “Rethinking Affirmative Action” by David Leonhardt, and "Progress Made, but Science Still a Man 's World: News" by David Matthews, all illustrate how John Rawls’s principles are still not being realized today to their fullest extent. In Jonathan Kozol’s article, he demonstrates how the educational system in America is still racially divided despite the end of segregation in the 1900s. In David Leonhardt’s article, he conveys the notion that although people have equal rights there still exists a gap in fairness. In David Matthews’s article, he focuses on the fact that women are still overruled by men in the workplace despite previous efforts to create a sense of gender equality in American society. Based on the article “Still Separate, Still Unequal” by Jonathan Kozol, it is clear that John Rawls’s principles are not being realized in today 's society…

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