Equal Rights - Argument Essay

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Equal Rights
Abortion is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is not a decision that the mother should make on her on either. Abortion should be a mutual decision between both parents. It should only be the mother’s choice if the father is not willing to care for the baby. It takes both a man and woman to create a child; therefor it should take both a man and a woman to make the decision to abort their child. After all a child is no more the mother’s than it is the father’s. When a woman makes the decision to keep the child, she expects financial support and help raising the child from the child’s father; therefore, she should ask for the father’s opinion when it comes to abortion, because the father could want to raise the baby on
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Sometimes it is more precious to one parent than it is the other. I have seen many examples of devastation from abortion in my home town. One specifically that relates to my paper happened at my very own high school. A girl in the grade above me found out she was pregnant her senior year. She was dating a guy that was a good bit older than her. He was a successful farmer in his twenties, and he offered to raise the child with the help of his family. She refused to keep the baby because she would be kicked out of her private school and would not be able to enjoy her senior year. The guy and his family were helpless because they had no say in the decision of this young woman. The guy was heartbroken because his sweet baby’s life was taken from him. He desperately wanted to keep it, and he offered to raise it without any financial support from the mother. She still said no because she selfishly picked her fun over the life of this child. She could have easily gone to a public school, and the father could have raised this child after birth. Her mind was made up, and the father never had the chance to meet his baby. A father is a parent just like a mother is a parent. A father is capable of caring for a child alone just like a mother is. A father should be able to care for his child if he wishes. Abortion is a huge decision that should be a mutual agreement between both mother and father before it can happen. If father makes the decision to keep his child, then he should

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