Equal Protection For English Language Learners Essay

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Equal Protection for English Language Learners Equal protection is a right of the people including students in school. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution is what has enabled this right. The Equal Protection Clause is considered and important law in public education and courts have invoked it to prohibit segregation of children due to race, stop sex-based discrimination in a school setting, guarantee school access to children whose parents are not legal citizens and protect gay and lesbian students and teachers from being discriminated against (Fossey, n.d.). Because of the law, equal protection guarantees the right to an education (and everything that comes with it), protecting students from a number of discriminations, biases, and exclusions.
Classifying English Language Learners One area the Equal Protection Clause focuses protection on is the area of English Language Learners (ELL). The United States has many different cultures mixed among its people. With this come different backgrounds as well as different languages. Historically speaking, ELLs have had issues in many states when it comes to the provision of equitable education opportunities (Wright, 2010). Every state has a process it uses in order to discover the level of English language proficiency by use of a short “screener” or a full-scale proficiency test, the results determining which students are ELLs in need of Title III services (National Research Council of the National Academies,…

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