Epistemology Is The Study Of Human Knowledge Essay

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For my first Get Out paper, I have chosen to write about Epistemology. Epistemology is known to be the study of human knowledge. It simply explains how we get it, what it is, whether we have it, or why we don 't. Each philosopher had a different theory about knowledge and how we come about it. Descartes believed that if we wanted to believe in something with a certainty, that we had to first doubt everything that we already know. In other words, we had to simply pretend that everything was questionable. Descartes believed that the power to think was not a mistake and by thinking, we prove that we have minds. Descartes believed that we could have knowledge by believing that an all-good, all-powerful God would not permit us to be deceived when we claim to know something. The thesis called subjective idealism was developed by Berkeley, who had a different theory from Descartes. The subjective idealism is the doctrine that there are no material substance, no physical objects, only minds and ideas in minds. This concept of idea came from Locke. There were three simple steps to it. The three simple steps as noted by Berkeley are, “One, it accepts the argument that we have no idea whatsoever what a substance might be, and it agrees that all that we can ever know of a thing are its sensible properties or qualities. Second, it is shown that the distinction between primary and secondary qualities cannot be a distinction between properties inherent in the objects themselves as opposed…

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