Epic Poems: The Odyssey And The Iliad And Odyssey

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Poetry is the same as other works of literature, such as books or songs, and serves its purpose of helping an author remember a short story without having to write anything down. Some of the earliest works in poetry are the Iliad and Odyssey from Homer. The Iliad portrays the story about the warrior Achilles fighting King Agamemnon during the Trojan War, and the Odyssey is about the journey of the hero Odysseus. These two poems are prime examples of epic poems, which usually compose of a hero and their story. There are many other types of poems in addition to epic poems, such as sonnet and satire, and nineteenth and twentieth century poems. A sonnet is another type, and the most recognizable person in this area would be William Shakespeare. …show more content…
Most poems try to produce an emotional result, tell a story, or to share a message. Poems also use psychology in many ways related to the writer and to the reader. The writer can enjoy writing poetry because they can use self-expression while writing and it often enables someone to express their feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and interests within their poems by using creative expression. Poets can often get inspiration or motivation from writing and often use that to inspire or motivate others by writing a poem for a friend when they are feeling down. Another psychological aspect of poetry is that it is usually a healthy form of emotional expression. Poems can be used to convey happiness or sadness about a person’s life or a situation, or also to write a love poem for someone. A reader or listener can also discern certain psychological aspects from a poem also. One of these is empathy, or the fact that people want to understand other feelings. People often read sad or happy poems when they are sad to try to lift their mood or darken it, depending on their state of mind. Another aspect is artistic appreciation and that is reading poetry solely for that specific writer.

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