Enzyme Substrate Complex Essay

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Meera Patel
Enzyme lab

Assignment 1 :- Effect of Temperature on Invertase Activity, Determining the Starting Velocity.
Enzyme is the fastest known catalyst. They increase the velocity and rate of reactions in living cells. Diverse range of proteins works as enzyme with their specific temperature point, pH etc. Enzymes react with the molecules known as substrates. Binding site of an enzyme and a substrate is known as active site. The amount of enzyme present in a reaction is measured by the activity it catalyzes. The relationship between activity and concentration is affected by many factors such as temperature, pH, etc. Though enzymes are important for biological reactions, certain factors play an important role in the
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However, increase in the pH shows the gradual decrease in the rate of reaction eventually losing all of its activity. These differences are due to the denaturation of the proteins by high pH and changes in bond interaction and alterations in the tertiary structure of the enzyme.

If you were to carry out these pH experiments at a higher or lower temperature, what effect would this have on the pH optimum for invertase? How would you test this?

If we carry the reactions with same pH conditions and temperature, the optimum value of the inveratse activity would remain same. All the enzymes have their specific optimum values. If we notice the enzymatic activity of the invertase, we would see that the best plot would be around 50 degree Celsius with the optimum pH of 4.0. Till the enzyme reaches to it optimum value we can notice the increase in the rate of reaction, once it reaches the optimum pH, there would be no increase in the velocity of the reaction, regardless of other factors.
Assignment 3 :- The effect of Substrate Concentration on Inveratse Activity.
What was the relationship between [S] and invertase activity? Was this relationship what you expected? Why or why not? Explain your answers. Reaction velocity will increase if the amount of substrate concentration is gradually increase and constant amount of enzyme. Yes, the relationship I expected was found to be true because as per the graph we can see that until

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