Essay about Environmentally Harmful Energy Extraction

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The United States trumps nearly every country in the world in the consumption and production of energy while remaining seemingly heedless to the numerous societal, environmental, and health risks at stake (EIA). Our lust for lucrative, but ecologically harmful energy extraction has been made inherently obvious through various policy initiatives and legislative loopholes. These have been put into effect by previous presidential administrations that had prioritized the maximum exploitation of our expansive on and off-shore fossil fuel reserves. However, in the last century, we rapidly depleted many of our traditional natural gas and oil assets that were previously being utilized to meet our energy dependences. In more recent years the discovery of widespread shale rock formations, and the invention of technologies coined as “horizontal drilling” and “hydraulic fracturing”, has led to a burning desire from massive energy production enterprises to begin their relentless extraction of these newly found natural gas, and oil reservoirs. Section 1.2. Hydraulic Fracturing. The process of hydraulic fracturing begins with the discovery and analysis of large deposits of shale rock foundations. Many different states share vast deep underground shale formations that were previously too difficult and expensive to reasonably extract. Some of the more notable formations include the Marcellus (PA, WV, OH, & NY), Utica (OH, PA, & WV), Haynesville (LA, & TX), Eagle Ford (TX),…

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