Environmental Sustainability And Its Effects On The Environment

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Environmental Sustainability
Several hotels around the world have implemented creative cost saving initiatives to reduce their impact on the environment as we are on the brink of global warming. Also it is a good Marketing point as a hotel to employ this as this is a trend among customers to prefer a hotel that is environmentally sustainable. Here are a few Practices that we can introduce:
1. Power Usage/ Energy

Energy costs are a substantial proportion of the operating costs of any hospitality business. Tracking utility bills can help properties monitor the effectiveness of their energy conservation initiatives. By installing energy-efficient technologies such as appliances, lighting and heating/cooling systems, hotels can produce cost savings on their monthly utilities bills.

Also regularly checking these bills can provide you with the information of any excess usage of products due to improper maintenance. For example, a fridge that hasn’t been properly maintained will have leakages in the compressor therefore causing restrictions in the machine causing it use more electricity than normal.
Other areas that affect Energy:
• Avoid overheating bedrooms and corridor areas. This is not only expensive, it can also be uncomfortable for guests; aim for 19-21°C
• Ensure good control of your heating system. Use timer switches and thermostatic radiator valves, and check that thermostats are unaffected by draughts, sunlight, radiators and fireplaces
• Service your boiler…

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