Persuasive Essay On How To Clean Algae

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Taking your boat on the water during the summer gives you a carefree outlet for relaxation and enjoying the great outdoors, but, over time, the bottom of every boat begins to accumulate algae as it sits in the water. This accumulation mars the aesthetic appeal of your boat and can lead to other issues. Understanding how to clean a boat properly is must for any boat owner and it should not be avoided until the problem is so severe that nothing short of a jackhammer will penetrate the grime.

Boat bottom cleaning and boat hull cleaning often seem daunting, but if they are done on a regular basis, perhaps once or twice a season, depending on the frequency in which the boat is in the water, you can avoid the worst of the unsightly gunk for the
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Despite aesthetics, algae can be a hazard if it forms or spreads to parts of the boat where you might step. Algae can cause slips, falls, and other accidents. There are also instances reported about algae spreading into the machinery of the boat and causing clogs, shortages, and issues with the fuel.

Why Should You Clean Algae Off of Your Boat?

The longer algae is allowed to remain on the surface of a boat, the harder it will be to remove, and the more time it has to accumulate more algae and other things like barnacles. Routine cleaning will prevent the algae from staining the boat and keep it in better condition to ward off other organisms that may try to latch on and stick to the hull. Removal will also keep the algae from spreading, decreasing the chances of possible accidents or encroachment of the equipment and parts of the boat.

The Best Methods to Remove Algae from Your Boat Safely

How to clean a boat depends on the amount of accumulation and condition the boat is in. Boat bottom cleaning and boat hull cleaning is best done the good old-fashioned way with elbow grease and a hand brush. The most popular recommendations that will not harm your boat are the following

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