Environmental Scan Essay

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Environmental Scan Paper
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Environmental Scan Paper
The vigilant monitoring and firm’s evaluations of internal and external environments to detect signs of early threats and opportunities that influence planning is Environmental scanning (Deresky, 2010). In order to help an organization understanding internal and external factors of the environment that they are requiring for their long-term goals, strategic planning is of the utmost requirement for them. In this paper, I will recognize and explore the situations of internal and external situations used to make these two organizations successful, Coca Cola and Apple. I will also examine the business plans used by the two
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The organizations external scan helps to determine the environmental issues in which the organization operates. Environmental scanning helps businesses with shaping their strategic visions by helping to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
“A comprehensive environmental scan includes: Forecasting business trends, conducting internal and external scans, describing the current workforce, and projecting workforce supply and demand,” (Carpenter, 2009)
The most important factors affecting the environmental scan of an organization are the internal and external environments. Performing an environmental scan on a business brings many benefits and assists in adding to the long-term efficiency of the organization. In this paper, two company’s internal and external situations will be examined using an environmental scan. In addition, the competitive strategies and advantages used by both organizations to stay relevant in the economic market will be explored. The two companies to be discussed are Apple and Coca Cola.
One of the reasons Apple is such a mighty force in the market is the constant reliability in the development of new, innovative technology, exemplary marketing strategies, and differentiation of new products. High quality and zero defect products consistency diminish the risks incurred by

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