Environmental Scan Essay

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Environmental Scan
Successful organizations do not happen by chance, but through hard work, strategic planning, and understanding the company inside out. It takes continuous forward thinking and actions by leadership to remain relevant in industries where new technology can push one forward or backward in the time it takes a season to change. Therefore organizations must conduct environmental scans to determine their internal and external environment as part of the strategic plan process. There are numerous organizations using environmental scanning to develop their strategic plan. Today the author will look at three successful companies, which are Southwest Airlines, Target, and Whole Foods Market. The purpose of this paper is to
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These key areas ensure the company can continue to lead the industry in customer satisfaction, repeat business, profits, and meet shareholder expectations. Leadership constantly monitors these areas, in addition to ticket sales to sustain competitive advantage. Southwest established itself as a competitive threat by doing several things, such cutting out the middle person, and not allowing third parties to sell flights. Also they provide a customer friendly website to book flights, offer reward points for flights, low fares, on time flights, and quick flight turnover. Also the low cost carrier is known for a positive work environment, where employees are not only rewarded for outstanding service, but encouraged to submit ideas to better service. These are some of the many advantages Southwest has over its competitors.
There are external factors Southwest Airlines must consider as they assess the company standing. Some factors are beyond their control, such as governmental policy changes and the economy. However the company must be aware of any changes, which may affect where and how they do business. Other external factors such as deregulation, other modes of transportation (trains and cars), and restrictive destinations are external factors which are beyond their control. Being aware of external limitations, competition, and customer

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