Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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The Impact of Genetically Modified Foods

Methods for food production are ever-changing as the demand for more beneficial and nutrient rich foods is increasing as a result of the rapid growth in the world’s population. One of these methods is the genetic modification of food that is being introduced to our diet, and is acutely controversial for several reasons. These aliments are created through the use of biotechnology and the modification of an organism’s genetic structure to yield particular traits or inhibit others. (3) Genetically modified (GM) foods have a socioeconomic, cultural, and global impact. However, they are received with mixed reviews by the general public, and are at the constant eye of governmental regulatory measures. (2) Many positive effects are associated with genetically engineered foods, such as reducing the need for pesticides on crops. On the other hand, they can have harmful effects like new bacteria and viruses that can potentially cause disease. (1)(8)Moreover, the use of genetically modified foods is increasing at exponential rates in our society. (2) Current Use of Genetically Modified Foods and Global Impact
Genetically modified foods currently have a plethora of uses and have the potential to serve many more. Three of the most prominent uses of these foods are to increment nutritional
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Governmental and environmental agencies monitor the effects of GM foods and provide extensive studies. Allergic reactions are incessantly tied to the consumption of GM foods. If an organism eats GM foods then a person who is allergic to the particular protein could potentially eat the organism and suffer an allergic reaction. The creation of new viruses and toxins is also associated with these foods. This could be potentially dangerous to human health as it could create new diseases or be carcinogenic. (4)

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