Essay on Environmental Hazard Of Water Pollution

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Environmental Hazard of Water Pollution in Inwood, Manhattan
Emmeline Fourcand, Wanda Perez, Tomica Young
Helene Fuld College of Nursing Bachelors Program

Environmental Hazard of Water Pollution in Inwood, Manhattan
The purpose of this paper is to highlight environmental conditions and concerns in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan, as it relates to water pollution. America has become a main source of industrialization which is now an instrumental part of modern society, and unfortunately waste production. Consequentially, these factors are an inevitable outcome of the developmental activities of modern day society. This paper is aimed at informing the reader on several environmental concerns that affect the community due to their proximity to hazardous waters. The following hazards will be discussed in this paper; stagnant waters that harbor vector borne diseases such as West Nile Virus, sewage discharge complications and everyday common hazardous activities such as at home car washing. These noted hazards affect not only the Inwood area of Manhattan, but also have a systemic effect on the entire environment.
According to Hughes, the Inwood community is located in Manhattan and is bounded by Harlem River, Hudson River, and Dyckman Street, which separates it from the neighboring towns of Fort George and Washington Heights (What You’ll Find section, para.1, 2014). Hughes also indicates that, forty thousand people inhabit this one and half square mile neighborhood.…

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