Environmental Crisis And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

967 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Imagine the following disasters: Drought causing water shortages; Flood engulfing a whole city; Destruction left after a hurricane’s wake; Climate change due to carbon emissions; land restructuring due to rising sea level - hence, Hawaii. In a time of environmental crisis, how do we live right now? I do not have a concrete plan on how I will live within the time of environmental crisis, but I will explore my options and opinions on the matter.
From acquired information, through media, articles, discussions, we are at a point in time where a crisis may happen more often than before, based on recordings of past disasters. As we are currently in an on-going crisis, climate change, there are not many things I can change to help dramatically in the immediate future; but I know that I can change for the better. I will be more concise about the products I use; the things that contribute to the crisis should be replaced with alternatives that has less to no harmful effects on the environment. I should make myself be more aware of the causes and adjust my life according to what I can as an individual. Since I am only able to control myself, I should at least considered lessening the contribution on my part to the crisis.
I have noticed the change towards bagging goods at shops, from plastic to paper. That is a great step, the community made, that helps me become aware of the issue and what I can immediately do. Products that are not recyclable should not be a product I should…

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