Environmental Sustainability Research Paper

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Maintaining biodiversity and environmental sustainability is one of the most important actions towards reducing our environmental impacts on our world. Consequently, there are a majority of different ways to live a far more sustainable lifestyle. Our everyday choices should have a focus on reducing our environmental footprint to ensure we are preserving all ecosystems.
After taking this course I have come up with a list of ways to live more sustainably, which I will be discussing below. In relation to sustainability, we will be describing three different strategies that I would use to run an environmentally sustainable city.

The first steps towards living a lifestyle with the environment in mind would be to simply practice the "Three R
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Green urbanization sets principles that can allow any city to respectfully use energy and water, while ensuring that urban planning is done sustainably. All cities require the basic services of transportation, producing food, conserving water and having proper waste management. I will be discussing a sustainable strategy for each of these basic …show more content…
Food would be grown locally and a zero-waste policy would be put into effect. By practicing these green urbanism principles, we set an example for other cities around the world. In my opinion, the best way to promote sustainable living is to educate ourselves and the people around us on the impacts of biodiversity and our direct contributions to these impacts. Before taking this course, I was unaware of all the things I can do to help the environment. I had no knowledge on what global warning really was or what caused the greenhouse effect. My attitude towards the environment and the global cycles has shifted, now I cherish all the resources that I have so much

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