Environmental Concerns : Should Environmentalists Keep Be Alarmists?

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Environmental Concerns
“Should Environmentalists Continue to Be Alarmists?” When it comes to environmental concerns there is always going to be those that tend to care beyond the call of duty, just enough, or not all. Usually, how information is presented and the timing of when it is announced by an Environmentalist can affect how the overall population reacts to the news. It can change their perception of how much each individual will continue to care or not to care for the environment. If for example an Environmentalist made an announcement that a specific area was running out of fresh drinking water during a really bad drought then I would think everyone would be on board to conserve their water resources. In our Global Issues text book we have two sides presented on wither or not Environmentalists should continue be alarmists to the public. One side is presented by Paul Farrell whom feels through Diamond’s 12 global time bombs yes they should. The other side thinking no they should not is presented by Ronald Bailey who believes Farrell leaves out some important details regarding each one of the 12 global time bombs. The 12 global time bombs that were covered between the both of them are: Overpopulation Multiplier, Population Impact Multiplier, Food, Water, Farmland, Forests, Toxic Chemicals, Energy Resources, Solar Energy, Ozone Layer, Diversity, and Alien Species.
Each one of these topics covers the basic environmental concerns that most people have been taught…

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