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2 April 2014
Critical Studies- Exploration of a Local Environmental issue
By -Danielle de Kock 12-012751

With our ever increasing population rate, so comes with it an increase in the damage we are inflicting on our planet. Often we hear of concerning environmental issues that are happening around us, but how much do we know and understand about these issues? Because these issues affect us and our future generations directly, it really is in our own best interest to ensure that we are fully informed and also that the sources that we receive information from are accepted in a critical manner. In this essay it is my intention to highlight one of the many environmental issues we are currently facing, to view it both locally and globally,
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Trophy hunting has always been a topic that has sparked many opinions and emotions. It is an issue that I was first made aware of many years ago and have always been very aware of. My view of the subject has always been very against it. This is mainly as a result of the strong opinion of others (friends, family and colleagues) around me. The topic has been highlighted in the media in the past, but as these animals is becoming increasingly endangered, so we are seeing an increase in the prevalence of these issues. The question I am posing is whether trophy hunting can be a useful tool in the conservationist’s toolbox or not. On the surface, the answer appears obvious. As the killing of an animal or species, especially an endangered one (for sport), is directly contradictory to the goal of ensuring the survival of a species. Eliminating a mature animal is counter-intuitive in terms of the reproduction of future generations of the species. However, with this in mind it appears that the topic is much more complex and in-depth. It requires further questioning and reasoning beyond the ethics of the situation.
Before I start it is important to understand that trophy hunters are not poachers. These are people who pay large sums of money to kill the animal/s they have

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