Enviroment Essay

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TASK. 1. Discuss five challenges facing ESD in Kenya. 2. Highlight any five key factors of ESD in Kenya and discuss the teaching approaches used by them.

Education for sustainable development aims at preservation of environmental integrity economic viability and a just society for present and future generations.ESD addresses these objectives through the establishment of broad teaching and learning process that emphasizes and interdisciplinary and holistic approach that promotes critical and creative thinking in education. In order to ensure that everyone gets this knowledge several actors play very vital roles in promoting education for sustainable development.
Actors of ESD
1. Government
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This is achieved through use of mass media, use of magazines, journals and internet sources. The government also provides policies for ESD, The government play major role in coming up with rules and regulations governing the environment e.g. Laws against some prohibited activities like Poaching, pollution, deforestation and other activities contributing to environmental degradation. More so, the government set policies and laws that guide and help to overcome the challenges faced by the ESD. Such policies include the setting of syllabuses to the school through KIE that advocates on the remedies of ESD.
2. Learning institutions
These Training institutions offer ESD in their curriculum that helps its graduates to appreciate the role of ESD for example Kenyatta University.
Another way of teaching is through Collaboration. The learning institutions are working in partnership with other bodies such as Non-Governmental Organization like Kenya Organization for Environmental Education (KOEE) based in slums of the Nairobi and gives the locals the expertise of handling the environmental issues and ways of mitigating them. Faith Based Organizations and volunteer groups such as CITAM, which provide funds in terms of loans, grants and donations for ESD. They, in partnership with the local community at times carry out monthly environmental clean-up programs.
Thirdly, through Capacity building. These learning institutions

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